C150 Global Odyssey

The First Canadian Helicopter Circumnavigation of the World

C150 Global Odyssey ("C150GO") was the first Canadian helicopter circumnavigation of the globe — and the first ever father/son helicopter circumnavigation.

As Departing on July 1 of 2017 to celebrate Canada 150 — 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation — the Canadian circumnavigators flew a Canadian-made Bell 429 helicopter around the world, visiting every Canadian province and territory — as well as landmarks celebrating remarkable achievements and events from Canada's rich history.

Along the way C150GO was joined by notable Canadians such as Dave Williams, Guy Lafleur, Peter Bregg, HCol Gerald Haddon, and Bronwen Evans. The trip also proudly raised money for Southlake Foundation and True Patriot Love Foundation.

The team was truly honoured to represent Canadian innovation and adventure as they journeyed across the country and around the world, celebrating 150 years of Canada’s amazing history — and looking forward with pride and optimism to the next 150.

C150 Global Odyssey Statistics

AircraftBell 429 Canadian-Made Helicopter
Crew3 Canadian Pilots
Departure  July 1 (Canada Day) 2017
Duration30 Flying Days over 48 Calendar Days
Distance36,956 km · 22,963 mi · 19,955 nm
Routing92 Stops in 14 Countries

C150GO Route

C150GO Crew

Bob Dengler Bob Dengler
Pilot and Circumnavigator

Aurora, Ontario
Founder of Dynatec Mining in 1980, Bob is a recognized pioneer of the modern Canadian mining industry. Bob has flown helicopters for over a decade.
Steven Dengler Steven Dengler
Pilot and Circumnavigator

King City, Ontario
Co-Founder of XE.com in 1993, Steven is a renowned entrepreneur, innovator, producer, and investor. Steven is rated on both fixed wing airplanes and helicopters.
Steven Dengler Dugal MacDuff
Pilot and Circumnavigator

Montréal, Québec
A test pilot for the Bell 429, Rob is an acclaimed helicopter professional with decades of experience. Rob has flown all over the world, and even served as pilot to Jacques Cousteau on the Calypso.
Wawa the Canada Goose Wawa the Canada Goose
Mascot and Circumnavigator

Wawa, Ontario
Named after the Ojibwe word for Canada Goose, Wawa sought out souvenir pins wherever she went, returning home with an amazing collection from all over the word.
Peter Bregg Peter Bregg
Mission Photographer

Toronto, Ontario
Internationally renowned photojournalist Peter Bregg C.M. brought his formidable photographic talent and knowledge to C150GO, travelling on 47 of the trip's 92 legs.
Sergey Komarov Sergey Komarov
Russian Navigator

Moscow, Russian Federation
ATC professional Sergey Komarov came aboard in Warsaw to act as Navigator and Communicator during C150GO's journey through Russia.

C150GO Special Guests

Gerald Haddon HCol Gerald Haddon
Oakville, Ontario
Gerald is the grandson of The Honourable J. A. D. McCurdy's first pilot — and the man who made the first flight in the British Empire in February, 1909. Gerald joined C150GO for the first two days.
Guy Lafleur Guy Lafleur
Montréal, Québec
Hockey legend Guy Lafleur O.C. is widely recognized as one of the greatest hockey players of all time. Guy is also an outstanding helicopter pilot, and joined C150GO for the first two days.
Dave Williams Dr. Dave Williams
Oakville, Ontario
Dr. Dave Williams O.C. is a physician and a retired CSA astronaut, flying on STS-90, STS-118, and the International Space Station. He flew with C150GO on Canada Day of 2017.

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